Pay Per Click

How does PPC Work?

Step 1

All you have to do is just point us to your business by giving us your web address and keywords that would target your clientele.

Step 2

We observe how competitive the keywords given are and discern an estimated budget for cost incurred for your campaign.

Step 3

If we’re on same terms, we can kick start your campaign and dish out progress reports every month promptly.

Pay Per Click Campaigns Are an Alluring Asset For Your Internet Marketing Game Plan.

For instance the popular Adwords, Google’s advertising service made huge strides in Internet Marketing.

They facilitate one to choose certain keywords, in order to display your company’s ad whenever those keywords are used in Google Search Engine, along with organic results.

The traffic generated due to this is first rate quality. This is awesome, right? But Adwords could be extremely confusing and cumbersome to maintain, and that’s where Serp Authority steps in, to provide the apt PPC solution- gaining the best outcome with very little capital.


Adwords & SerpAuthority — What Your Business Requires BADLY

Spontaneous traffic at its best. That’s exactly what we’ll give your business, by deploying the following:


Setting Goals – The first step in any successful campaign would be to elucidate and define the aim and goals. From there on, we shall bring forth a totally custom and efficient Adwords campaign, that which would help your business prosper with clients and revenue.

Divide and Conquer – This principle closely corresponds to PPC. For this purpose, we begin many Adwords campaigns, with the main intention of controlling them and choosing the best ones –those campaigns that give you the best output for the least cost.

Hand-picked Keywords – Working as if PPC was our chef-d’oeuvre, we consider keywords to be ingredients, ensuring we opt only the finest for you.

Is It Really Impactful? – Depending on goals set, we analyse how the campaign is going. We consider the traffic generated for your website, the click-through-rate and most significantly, the return of your investment.

Analysis – We thoroughly enjoy bringing reports periodically, as a testimony to the success of your Adwords campaigns. At Serp Authority we endeavour to provide the best value for your valuable money, so if something has to be optimised, we’ll look into it right away – to ensure more revenue and clients for you.

Secure & Sound Investment – We respect your hard earned money, hence we spend in the most efficient way possible for your budget. You don’t need to fret about your money, it’s in good hands.

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