Search Engine Optimisation

Step 1

All you have to do is just point us to your business by giving us your web address and keywords that would target your clientele.

Step 2

We observe how competitive the keywords given are and discern an estimated timeline for topping the charts and also provide a quotation for your campaign.

Step 3

If we’re on same terms, we can kick start your campaign and dish out progress reports every month promptly.

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If You Rely on Internet Marketing For Your Business, Then SEO is a necessity.

It’s a viable asset that if you shall possess, can drag you bulls eye targeted traffic – the best way to haul in loads of money!

And we at Serp Authority, can materialize the latest next gen SEO campaigns for you, with the state-of-the-art techniques, both secure and impactful.

But why bother about SEO? Is it better than other marketing strategies? It’s unique, that’s all. It’s not that bugging phone call that disrupts the silent prayer before dinner or the spam mail that floods your inbox – it’s totally distinct.

It facilitates human traffic, focused on those looking for the services and products you are selling, and with this you can look forward to the pristine results – and you won’t be let down. This organic traffic from the search engines is every bit worthy, and that’s what we’re offering you!

Every Business Needs a Unique Campaign for SEO.

We’ll amalgamate our most potent SEO methods, so as to bring about a fully custom ranking scheme for your website.

At the first search page lies the money, and we’ll make sure you get there- vying with competitors to attract interested customers and thereby loads of profit.

We generate precise and cognitive progress reports every month, which shall manifest how good your page ranks on the search engines.

Our services include:

  • Professional thorough Website Audit.
  • In-depth Keyword Research.
  • On-page Optimisation.
  • Content Writing/Creation.
  • Off-page SEO — Link Building.
  • Competitor Benchmarking.
  • Optimisation of Social Media Profiles.
  • And much more...


Local Search Engine Optimisation Services

Initially one might suppose that SEO global or local doesn’t differ, it’s partially so , but one requires professional experts if you plan to top in your domain – and this is where Serp Authority comes in, as our distinct Local SEO solves your business’ every requisite.

We introduce similar techniques utilised in the routine Search Engine Optimisation, but also the correct strategies which have proved to be effective for clients time and again.

We include:

  • Optimisation of Google Business Pages
  • Citations Building
  • Google+ Optimisation
  • Submission to Directories
  • Remove Duplicate Business Pages
  • Business Page Verification
  • Customer Reviews



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