The Story Behind SERPauthority

What is SERPauthority?

My team of minions’(Alaster , Reneland and a Russian guy doing crazy stuff )  and my attempt to save the world.


So, what’s so special about this SERP-a-whatever?

First off, let’s make it clear that I am not that guy who sells “25-LINK-POWER-HIGH-THUNDER-WEB 2.0 + 12,301,295,802,958 blog comments for $199.00!”

I sell results, as cliché as it might sound.

I hail from the days when Eli on BlueHatSEO had posts coming in like there was no tomorrow. I belong to the “been using Scrapebox since version 1.0” group. For those of you who have no idea what I just said, read it as this: I’m a guy who knows what he is doing.

Over the past few years, I have ranked hundreds of sites for my clients, bringing results to the table for all of them. Some wanted long-term, stable rankings, and some demanded quick profits on their “churn & burn” projects. I brought results to them all. I have a team of well-trained assistants (those minions I mentioned), and they will do wonders for you and your business. I have a presence on a number of marketing forums, and even ran one myself at one point in time.

I am a full believer in building relationships with the people I work with, because clients who are a part of the process own the results. You are always free to e-mail me at support@ if you need help with any of your projects, or even if you just need some marketing advice. I like to spread around good karma.

Why does SERPauthority even exist?

India is a growing hub for start-up businesses, and I discovered that these start-ups have no idea how to establish their online presence. I went to Google, and I did a quick search for “SEO company India” and “online marketing India,” simply curious as to what the top results would be.

I found no experts whatsoever. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Companies that claimed to know SEO and inbound marketing by displaying falsified, “Google certified” badges had physical addresses leading to grilled-beef shops in the United Kingdom. Companies that claimed to know a great deal about SEO, but only knew the definition of a sitemap. Companies that claimed to be the best, simply because they had been given some imaginary awards. There were even companies whose on-page SEO was so over-optimized that it appeared they had no idea that off-page SEO even existed.

I know that the internet is vital to businesses, as most people spend a good chunk of their time online, and without a solid presence in the realm of the World Wide Web, a rock-solid business can easily break. I know that no one can be a God in SEO. We do optimization and hope that Google/Yahoo/Bing take heed and reward us, but not because my team and I don’t know what we’re doing.

SEO is constantly evolving. Just like rocket science, it contains a plethora of algorithms and variables. So, I’m not going to say that SEO is simple and anyone can do it. It needs expertise, dedication, and above all, patience. Three qualities which I have in spades.

A real SEO is someone who tests strategies. They test strategies constantly, because they have to. You have to know exactly what you are doing. Pinging your site on ping-o-matic doesn’t count. Throwing some keywords in and hoping for the best doesn’t count.

You need an expert.

That is where SERPauthority comes in.


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    • Mike Deslonis
    • February 14, 2015

    Great to see you getting back on track !