Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has doubts. It’s for these doubts that we have this FAQ page, so that we clear almost all those doubts you might get.

Why is SEO Significant? Why Must I Bother?

For any business, search is the source- Did you know that above 75% of all internet users use a search engine before they attain a service or product? Considering this info, it’s simple to comprehend that your company webpage needs to top the search results in top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There’s a great deal of people searching for your products, and it’s essential now that they find you.

Marketing From a Different Outlook– Everyone detests spam calls interrupting your dinner. SEO is nothing like that, since it doesn’t force a product that you don’t want on you. It just brings to you what you are actually looking for! If you give them the details they need, you shall get your business going.

Highly Economical – Time and again we have noticed that our customers find SEO traffic is cheap and worth the money. It’s an interesting fact: SEO generated traffic costs about 15 times more when generated through PPC!

Your Competitors Use It – SEO can cause a huge gap between you and your competitors, so hurry up before them! It’s appropriate to surpass them and lure all the gains to yourself! And you ain’t alone, as Serp Authority team will back you all through.

My Cousin Does SEO. Why Should I Prefer SerpAuthority Over My Beloved Cousin?

SEO evolves every day, what is big today may not work out tomorrow. Our techniques and strategies are latest with huge algorithmic variations in Search Engines, making them both secure and sure to outrank all other businesses.

Every SEO can’t be an expert like us at SerpAuthority. We possess loads of experience, that we would utilise to push your website into the top search results for the intended keywords.

One shouldn’t risk business with amateur SEOs. Go for the experts and rank your website like a boss.

I Already Rank #1! Why Would I Require Your Services?

It’s great that you are doing well in search engines but don’t you want to step up your game? There are more keywords you could target, meaning more customers and huge revenue that you are presently missing out. We can get you top ranks for most of those keywords, skyrocketing your traffic and revenue.

I Hear SEO is About Links. Why Can’t I Just Buy Them?

Although link building is a prime part of every SEO scheme, it’s not just the only way. How would cookies baked without sugar and butter taste like? They’d taste awful, the same goes with SEO. There is a complex equation where many elements come into play, such as on-page optimisation and other factors that we specialize in.