One of the few ways to climb up the rankings on big search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. is to incorporate high quality and established backlinks with your site. Google has stopped the Toolbar Page Rank and so SEOs are looking towards newer metrics which are more trustable and of a higher authority.

A Measure of Trust

The most important thing which improves the authority on any site is its TrustRank. So, we must concentrate on making the site more trustable. According to Wikipedia, the TrustRank can be enhanced by filtering out spam from the website based on the level of reliability. One way to do is to by choosing a set of seed pages which are then sent to an expert for evaluation. If the seed page is identified manually, then a crawl text is sent off from the seed set, which goes on the search for similar, trustable, and reliable pages on the Internet. The more the difference between the documents and the seed set, the lower the reliability of the TrustBank. This means that we can just get all the links we need from the seed lists that have a greater authority instead of setting up hundreds of other links and increasing the distance between the documents and the seed set. The solution to this is quite simple- the social media.

Sites that Enhance Trust

Most of you may have already set up your profiles for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. when you did the SEO, but there’s a high possibility that none of you have noticed that there is a huge list of social sites with a DA (Domain Authority) of 70-100 which are just a click away from you.

Here is a list of some high domain social media websites that you should ALWAYS use when starting a new campaign, and they are all for FREE:

6 Domains with DA of 100! Here

1. Twitter: DA of 100: A massively popular website where creating a profile is as easy as is getting responses from a huge number of people, it is one of the biggest social platforms you can come across on the internet, and you must use the popularity of this site to your advantage.

  1. YouTube: DA of 100: You cannot find a single person who has been on the internet but has not browsed through YouTube even once. On top of being owned by Google, YouTube allows you to put your backlink on not one, but five channel pages at least. So having YouTube on your list of domains is highly advantageous for both you and your clients.
  2. Facebook: DA of 100: One of the most used sites in the world, Facebook is very worthy of your trust and time. You MUST use Facebook as one of your links in the main site.
  3. LinkedIn: DA of 100: LinkedIn boasts popularity as the most efficient website in gathering businesspeople and hardworking individuals all over the world. It is the absolute best option for you ifyou want to increase your network and meet people who share the same work ambition as you. Thousands of people use LinkedIn everyday to not only make more connections, but also to put the backlink to their original websites.
  4. Pinterest: DA of 100: Pinterest has a hit popularity with net-users as soon as it came around the block; it has been serving people as a huge powerhouse of information ever since. Here you can put a backlink of your website and also get it verified. You can also “pin” all you other sites on your Pinterest Board as many times as you want to attract more attention.
  5. DA of 100: Last one of the websites with a Domain Authority of a full 100, but definitely not the least. Any business that’s consulting the local client with SEO set-up must have their very own “My Business” page on Google. You must put in all the details perfectly to get approved by Google and take your business to the next level with your own Google page.

Now, let’s talk about a very crucial point that most people are not aware of- When you use these sites to put your backlink, DO NOT send the traffic directly to the homepage of your original site, but instead, send some traffic towards the inner pages, like the “About US”, “FAQ” “Contact Us”, etc. of your site. The main reason for this is to set up the links in a way which makes the people more curious about the entirety of your website so that they go through the website.

Let’s look at some examples showing how this might be at your advantage.

Case 1: If all the backlinks point directly to your homepage- First of all, having all the links pointing directly to the homepage of the site is not only unnatural, but also makes you look desperate for attention. You need to plan the backlinks in such a way that seems natural and effective to Google.

Secondly, it’s a lot harder for a domain to increase its domain authority when all the links are going directly to the homepage of the site. Domain authority takes into account all of the pages of the website, not just the homepage. So if the links in various domain sites point up to the same page on a website, it becomes harder for the domain authority to keep a count of all the pages, and thus, makes it harder to increase the DA of the entire site.

Case 2:When the links point to various pages of the site instead of taking viewers directly to the homepage- This makes the website look more authentic to the viewers, as they get to view various kinds of information on the site that perks up their curiosity and leads them to check out the other pages of the site as well.  Also, the website can then climb up on the list of the domains because the DA can now view the entirety of the website more easily.

Another trick is that you can use one site with a high DA to link with another site with a high DA. Connect all the high DA sites to each other and also send them directly to your homepage for a better overall domain status, and hence,for more trust from the viewers as well.

2 thoughts on “Increase the Trust Of Your Domain the Easy Way

  1. Tim Martine says:

    Interlinking webpages is definitely good, but how much to do it? I am not really sure.

    I feel a good idea would be to make sure that we have substantial content on our webpages and interlink webpages for a better user experience and not worry so much about seo.

    Good question though, would like to see what other have to see on this.

  2. Linda Schrier says:


    I am Linda, I own number of websites and I have hired people for SEO of all those sites, but Lately I myself learning something about technical stuff, which can help me handle my site son my own and latest i learned about Domain Authority and I have been working on it in past few months.

    But despite having good internal Linking and god content, Most of my sites Domain Authority is around 15-20 which I think is not good, as I love to attract more advertisers and without having Good Domain Authority, it is tough to attract high paying advertisers.

    So, what basically, I want to ask here, is there any way to increase Domain Authority quickly, I mean in 2-3 Months?

    ~ Linda

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